Ticket Delivery

Help with printing E-Tickets

When you have successfully purchased a ticket for our event, your order will be given a status of 'Delivered'

This status will give you access to printable E-Tickets which you will find as a link in your 'Account' with us.

This account is the same account that you will have signed into in order to make a purchase and will also allow you to make purchases in the future with the same login details.

Look for 'Current Purchases' and open your recent order details.

You will be guided to a link 'GET TICKETS'

This link will open up your E-Ticket order with Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF software you can download it for free:
 Adobe.com Adobe

If you do not have Adobe PDF software installed, click the Adobe icon and install the latest version or you will not be able to open and print your E-Tickets for our event. Alternatively sign in from another computer that has Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF installed and print your tickets from there.

How to print your E-Ticket
When you can see your E-Tickets as a PDF file in your browser click the 'Print' icon or press ctrl>P on your keyboard.

For printing more than one E-Ticket, please use 'Page Handling'>'Page Scaling>Multiple Pages per Sheet'

Print it to a standard, white 8.5"x11" (or letter) sheet. You can use both laser or ink printers.

About the Barcode
Please make sure the barcode is clearly printed as barcode scanners will be in use at the door of the event.

This barcode contains all of the information in connection with your order. Our staff checks this barcode at the event, before allowing admission.

Is your E-Ticket safe?
It is. The only thing you need to do is to keep your E-TICKET in a safe place, Do not let anyone else print or copy it.